Welcome to Wisteria Farm Border Collies & Dorper Sheep!

We at Wisteria Farm love and spoil all of our animals. Our border collies come from top breeders that have amazing off spring. We only sell our border collie puppies to loving, qualified, forever homes. Wisteria Farm prides itself on dogs with great temperament and strong working lines.

Our Definition of The Border Collie: Smartest Dog Alive

We believe the definition of the border collie is not accurate. Some say they are extremely hyper dogs. This is not true. Border collies have an amazing work ethic and will work as long as you ask them out to their stamina.  All the border collies wants to do is please their owners- even if that means laying around on the couch all day and watching movies. They will! They are extremely good at cuddling. All dogs, not just border collies, need exercise and stimulation just like people do. If you are looking for a very loyal best friend, a border collie is perfect for you.

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Puppies Available For Sale

Coming in the next few weeks!! Call to make an appointment to meet the parents and get on our waiting list.