Our Dogs

Wisteria Farm | Eye Spy Joey

Eye Spy Joey- Stud Dog
(Eye Spy Doc & Bea Abc)

Joey has a black and white rough coat. He throws great temperament and quality pups. Joey has proven himself in herding, frisbee and agility. He loves all people, children and other animals.

Eye Spy Darla
(B’Sweet Erly & IMP Jig)

Darla has a tri-color smooth coat. She has had wonderful successful pups. Darla is a very impressive herding dog with lots of other skills. She is very sweet. She loves everything and everyone.

TBC Angie
(IMP Mick & IMP Patch)

Angie has a tri-color smooth coat. She is very driven and hard working. Angie loves to heard and play frisbee. She has a wonderful temperament and gets a long with everyone.

Wisteria Farm Border Collies | CC Kate aka Indy

CC Kate aka Indy
(Gus ABC & Miss Kitty ABC)

Indy has a chocolate & white smooth coat with short hair. She loves to work and cuddle. She’s great with other animals and people.

Wisteria Farm Border Collies and Dorper Sheep | old man petey

Eye Spy Petey- Retired
(Eye Spy Celt & Lacy’s Bet)

Petey has a black and white rough coat. He’s a great “old man” and still works hard on our farm. Petey truly is an amazing dog and is still in great health.