Wisteria Farm Border Collies and Dorper Sheep | Wisteria Roxy

Wisteria Roxy

“From the moment we called to inquire about the litter of puppies, we felt a bond with Bill and Jen. It was immediately obvious that they care deeply about their animals and that their dogs are a part of their family. We couldn’t be happier with our pup Roxy. She’s intelligent, outgoing and adorable, and she loves our boys and our other dogs. Jen and Bill have continued to be involved and supportive. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another puppy from Wisteria Farm.”

-G. Silverman

Wisteria Fly

“This is my dog Fly, she is definitely the prettiest & smartest girl I have ever met! May 8, 2015 was they day our story began. My life hasn’t been the same since. There hasn’t been a day that’s ended without a laugh or a smile. I couldn’t have had a better experience buying one of Jen’s pups. When I arrived, she had a bag full of things for us to take home and  a blanket all ready to rub on momma before we left. Right there showed me the love Jen has for her dogs. I couldn’t have thanked her enough times. It’s been over a year and I’m still thanking her! What I love most is she is only one phone call or text away. She doesn’t forget about her pups. It’s not about the money  like it is for some. With Jen, it’s about the love she has for them all. I truly had and amazing experience and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another pup from her.”


Wisteria Gus

“Gustav has brought more joy into our home than ever imaginable!!! The breed is intelligent, delightful, playful and always happy!!”


Wisteria Kaden

“Meet Kaden, Kaden is the most loving dog! He has a gentle, loving temperament. He is so smart and learns very quickly. We can’t imagine our lives without him ❤️.”

“Our experience with Jennifer and Bill was amazing! They are passionate about their breed. We are in touch often, they follow up with us and share in our experience! Thank you Jennifer and Bill for our baby ❤️.”


Wisteria Farm Border Collies | Morris, CT

Wisteria Riley

“I have personally known Jennifer and Billy for years. They are absolutely the most dedicated people when it comes to the care of their animals. When my dog Riley was born Jen and Billy welcomed me, my family and my other dog into their home with open arms to let us get used to our new baby girl. It was such a wonderful experience. Not to mention couldn’t possibly be any happier with our girl Riley. She is the greatest dog we could’ve ever asked for.”


Wisteria Farm Border Collies | Wisteria Finn

Wisteria Finn

“Meeting the breeder from this fram was a great experience they new everything that a breeder should no and more . They also go above and beyond for you . With that being said – I have a son who has a  allergy to dog saliva , we found it hard to find a breeder willing to work with this . Made many calls looking for a dog but finding one that understands allergy and willing to work with it is hard to find . We found Jen and Bill two people who were willing to help us . They invited us up to be around the mother and father before the puppies were born , just to see if my son could be around the  dog  saliva , what a surprise to find out Yes he could be . From that point on we new we found a great breeder . After the puppies were born we came to the house many times to make sure my son would be ok . Yes this worked . We now have our second Border Collie . What a great breed of a dog .  Jen and Bill are great caring breeders they called and check out were we lived to make sure the dog would be a great fit and to make sure he would be happy . Yes he is a happy dog . They call and check on him . We also  send information so they no the dog is in good health and is doing good. He is a joy to our family and we have also become very close to them . They are not just about breeding they care about every dog they own and the puppies they sale . They take the time to make sure it is a match for everyone dog and home.”

-B. Philips


Wisteria Farm Hunter

“We are thrilled to show off Wisteria Farm Hunter!
He’s quite a guy – athletic, bold, brilliant, gentle, curious and sweet with a touch of sass. Hunter has trained quickly and his energy is proving him to be an excellent hiking companion. He loves to introduce himself to everyone, especially children. This has been a blessing, as Hunter immediately bonded with our grandson Huck. They have become best buddies and are inseparable. We could not have hoped for a better dog with kids.
Working with Jennifer from NY was fantastic. After she helped us pick Hunter out we received regular progress reports and weekly pictures.
When we picked him up from Jennifer and Billy’s home it was clear lots of care and attention produced a well socialized, confident puppy. It was also great to meet Hunter’s parents, both beautiful dogs.”
Monte, Amy & Ali


Wisteria Farm Border Collies & Dorper Sheep

Wisteria Evie

“I would like share with everyone our family’s amazing experience with Jennifer at Wisteria Farm and our amazing border collie, Evie. My wife, Kara, and I wanted to bring a dog into our difficult home. I say difficult because, at the time, we already had three cats and our young energetic son. We needed a dog that was gentle, intelligent, and willing to be the “low dog on the totem pole” in this crazy house of ours. As fate would have it, and after having already had a failed experience with a lovely – but inflexible – rescue dog, we found Jennifer. She was very understanding of our situation and assured us that her line, and in particular, a little girl puppy, would be a perfect fit. We were new to owning dogs at the time and weren’t sure we had the skills needed to care for this beautiful little puppy. But Jennifer worked with us, taught us a lot, gave us plenty of resource to learn from, and gave us the confidence to bring that wonderful girl home with us. Evie is now 13 months old and every bit the friendly, loving, energetic, and fun family dog we always hoped for. The cats quickly learned to adore her and our son loves her very much. Jennifer was always there to answer our questions and help us through our first puppy-hood. We could NOT be happier with Evie or Jennifer. I highly recommend Wisteria Farm.”

-Michael Z.